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Go back to school shopping with LuLaRoe! | read more at

As a child, I loved going back to school shopping with my mom. It was always so fun, getting to pick out the *perfect* outfit to wear on my first day back. I looked forward to it every year, and have continued the “tradition” into my teaching years too! It makes the end of summer a little more exciting, and gets me back in the mood for the upcoming school year.
Obviously, clothes are the way to my heart. ;)

A few weeks ago one of my friends did a Facebook LuLaRoe party, and after hearing about her personal experience with the company, getting to know the distributors she was working with (love you Erika & Colleen!) and checking out all the different styles, patterns and colors they had available, I was sold. It took me YEARS to finally buy my first LuLaRoe item, but I am so glad I finally decided to cave in. Because y’all… I love every single thing about these clothes! 

After getting my first pair of leggings and Irma top, I was hooked. Like, super hooked. And I’m not going back. Yes, I love my Old Navy and Target clothes, and they’ll still be two of my favorite stores, but there’s just something special about my LuLa clothes! The quality is amazing, the patterns are oh so cute, and it’s like Christmas when your package arrives in the mail. 

Go back to school shopping with LuLaRoe! | read more at happilythehicks.comOutfit details: Irma (XL)

As with any direct sales company, the distributor you work with can make or break your experience. I was *lucky* enough to “meet” Erika and Colleen through my friend’s party, and their customer service was what sold me. Not only were they super sweet and helpful, but Erika made sure my outfit would go well together, helped me find some pieces I’d like, and made the experience SO fun. They are genuine, love their company, and have some awesome fashion sense. Shortly after my friend’s party I did my own, and had THE best time doing it! I loved building outfits, finding clothes I knew my friends and family would love, and seeing all the different ways you could style the various pieces LLR sells. I became a bit of a fanatic during that party, and I’m okay with that! 

Back to School Shopping with LuLaRoe

So naturally, when I started thinking about back to school clothes, Erika and Colleen were first in my mind. I wanted to buy some clothes that would transition well from season to season, and that I knew would last more than just a few months. LuLaRoe fit the bill perfectly! I scheduled a styling session with Erika (which I highly recommend!), where I filled out a questionnaire about my style preferences and she built four different outfits that were made specifically for me. And it was SO COOL! Y’all… I would have bought every single outfit if I could. ;) 

If you’re a student or teacher looking for some back to school clothes this year, a mom wanting some new styles to add to her closet, or just someone who loves shopping as much as I do, you should give LuLaRoe a try! They have everything from dresses and pencil skirts to kimonos and tunics. Oh, and their famously soft, stretchy and buttery smooth leggings, of course. 

Interested, but not sure where to start? I gotchu girl!

Go back to school shopping with LuLaRoe! Gigi, Carly and Joy | read more at

How it Works

As with every direct sales company, you buy via distributors.The distributors purchase inventory and upload pictures of their stock in photo albums to their Facebook groups periodically. When you find something you like, just comment sold, fill out the customer questionnaire, and they’ll send you an invoice by the next day. Once it’s paid, they’ll mail you your order and a few days later BOOM new, amazing clothes are at your doorstep! Easy peasy! 
It is important to note that what you see is what they have. That means if you love a specific pattern that’s not in your size, chances are they won’t have it in yours, but they’ll do their best to find things that will be perfect for YOU.
And word from the wise, keep your eye out on when they receive new products! I’ve snagged some SUPER CUTE stuff by watching shop the box videos, or stalking their group because #LuLaRoeislife. ;)

Looking for a distributor? I LOVE my Lula girls, Erika and Coleen (a mother and daughter team), and they have made this entire experience with LLR so much fun. 

The Styles

Leggings- Soft, stretchy, buttery and ADORABLE. I love wearing these leggings with a dress, Irma tunic or even an oversized t-shirt for those days when you #justcant. They are perfect for transitioning into fall and winter, and I can’t wait to wear them with some super cute boots soon. 
The leggings come in Tween (00-0) OS (one size- 2-10), TC (tall and curvy- 12-22) and TC2 (18+).

Go back to school shopping with LuLaRoe! Carly and printed leggings | read more at happilythehicks.comOutfit details: Carly (M), Leggings (OS)

Carly- This is my all-time favorite dress style: a swing dress. I love love love that they are longer than most dresses, which means I can easily bend, crouch and move around when I’m at school without having to worry. If it’s too long, or you want to show off the Cassie or leggings you have on underneath, you can just tie a quick knot in the skirt and you’re golden! 

Left Outfit Details: Carly (S), Cassie (S) | Right Outfit Details: Carly (XS) and Joy (M)

Gigi- This is one of the brand new styles that were JUST released at the LLR seminar a few weeks ago! I LOVE that they released a fitted top, because sometimes that’s what you need to complete a look. The sleeves are fitted and go down about 1/2 of the way, and the rest of the shirt is fitted, but stretchy and comfortable. I’m usually not a fan of tighter shirts, but this one is definitely a new favorite! I paired it with a floral Carly (for some #patternmixing), and am IN LOVE. So so cute! 

Go back to school shopping with LuLaRoe- Carly and Gigi! | read more at happilythehicks.comOutfit details: Carly (XS), Gigi (S)

Joy- I was a little hesitant about this for a while, but I am SO happy I bought TWO! Since I’m a teacher, I need my clothing items to be modest, and I hate it when you can see my dress or bra straps in an outfit. That’s why the Joy, which is a long flowy vest is so great! It goes so well with tank top dresses, and pairs perfectly with my Carly’s or to pull an outfit together like this Carly, knotted Gigi and Joy. I highly recommend getting one! 

Left Outfit Details: Carly (M), Joy (S) | Right Outfit Details: Carly (XS), Joy (M)

Irma- This was my first top to ever purchase, and it’s one of the reasons I fell in love with LuLaRoe (besides the leggings, of course). It is longer in the back, which I love, and has a beautiful scoop in the front that is so fun and is perfect for showing off your favorite pair of leggings. It’s a little more fitted in the arms, but the material is so stretchy and soft that you don’t have to worry about it being too snug. Definitely a staple item you should have in your wardrobe!

Go back to school shopping with LuLaRoe- Irma and printed leggings! | read more at happilythehicks.comOutfit details: Irma (S), Leggings (OS)

Cassie- I absolutely LOVE this pencil skirt! It’s stretchy, soft, comfortable and cute. My favorite ways to pair it is underneath a knotted Carly or an oversized Irma. The skirt is super long, which means you can have a high waist band, or you can flip it down if you’d rather it be lower (I do this when the top is covered by the other clothing item). There are so many styles to pick from! I have my eye out for a black and white striped Cassie, so if you see one, lemme know. ;)

Go back to school shopping with LuLaRoe- Oversized Irma and Cassie! | read more at

Outfit Details: Irma (XL), Cassie (S)

Classic T- This shirt is your new favorite tee. It’s perfect for pairing with some jeans, shorts, leggings or skirts, and I love the high neck and flattering fit. The back is longer than the front, which means you don’t have to worry about showing off too much booty, and the fit and flair look to it is the perfect complement to every body type! I think next time I’m going to size up to get a longer, flowy-er fit. 

Go back to school shopping with LuLaRoe- Perfect T and printed leggings! | read more at happilythehicks.comOutfit details: Perfect T (S), Leggings (OS)

Other styles to try: Shirley *NEW STYLE RELEASE* (kimono), Sarah (cardigan), Monroe (kimono), Maxi (maxi, obvi), Lindsay (kimono), Julia (dress), Perfect T (shirt), Amelia (dress)

Now it’s your turn to talk! Answer one of these questions in the comments below:
Have you ever tried LuLaRoe before?
Which style is next on YOUR shopping list?

Thank you Erika and Colleen for partnering with me! I received some of these products in exchange for a blog post, but as always, my thoughts and opinions are my own. 

Go back to school shopping with LuLaRoe! | read more at

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  1. Ayanna says:

    Super cute!! I have a few friends who shop LuLaRoe and love it. I know a few people who have FB shopping parties, so the next time they have on I will have to check it out.

  2. Cute outfits for back to school shopping!

  3. Julie says:

    Love all these finds! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Megan Johnson says:

    All these outfits are SO cute! I love that you can wear one top/dress so many different ways!

  5. Ashley Millar says:

    You look adorable in these! I’m a teacher and I keep thinking I should invest in these they look so comfortable !

  6. Ashley Johns says:

    You’re the cutest! Love LLR!

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