Alamo 13.1 Race Report

Alamo 13.1 Race Report featured

A few weeks ago Isaac and I ran our second half marathon- the Alamo 13.1. We decided to write a race report in case you’re interested in checking it out too! And if you’re not up for a half marathon yet, there was also a 5K and 10K race that day that you can look into. It was one of the best runs I’ve ever been on, and we are already thinking about going back again!


A while ago I wrote a post over the training program that we followed before running the race. It was a lot of work, and there were many days I thought “I don’t think I can do this”, but when race day came we were more than ready! Even though I got sick a couple of times during our training (perks of being a teacher), the training program helped us greatly improve our endurance and pace.


Before we even got to the race we were excited. After exploring their website, we knew right away that we wanted to run the Alamo 13.1. We received emails every few weeks with information about the race, keeping us informed on everything to expect. The details for packet pick up were clear, and there was a fun expo set up with booths we could look at after getting our race packet. We got a really nice performance t-shirt and a neat cloth bag with the race logo on it. 


One of the reasons Isaac and I wanted to run this race is because it started and ended at the Alamo! It was less than a mile from where we were staying, so we got in a good warm up jogging to the starting line. When we got there, Alamo Plaza was full of people and it was crowded, but all of the streets in the nearby area were blocked so we were able to roam the streets without worry. There were a ton of Porta Pottys, so even though the lines were long, they moved quickly. We also had plenty of places where we could sit (there were benches and low stone walls along the Plaza), although we didn’t need them because we tried to keep moving so we would stay warm- it was COLD that morning!
Al in all, the venue was awesome and we loved that it was at the Alamo.


There were three races starting that morning, so we had a staggered start. First went the 5K, then the 10K and finally the half marathon. The course was clearly marked, with people directing runners at course intersections, and there were water stations with a Porta Potty every few miles (my favorite was the one with people dressed up like mermaids!). They handed out water, Frost Gatorade (which Isaac loved, since it’s his favorite flavor) and some had energy gels.

The course was absolutely gorgeous. It wound through the historic area of San Antonio, up through Brackenridge Park and past the San Antonio Zoo. We then ran past Pearl (which we visited the day before) and finished our last couple of miles on the Riverwalk.

There was only one hill in the whole course, and I loved checking out the scenery. The looping through the park was beautiful, with trees all around us, and I loved that we got to run along the Riverwalk. The course was planned out so well, and enjoyed looking around and taking in San Antonio from a different perspective. We also got really lucky with the weather. It was sunny, breezy and in the 50s the entire race- perfect running weather!


One of the things I enjoy the most about going to races is the post-race time. You’ve just finished a race you’ve been training for for a while, you are in your post-run high, and there are free things everywhere… What’s not to love? This post-race was one of my favorites mostly because of the food! We were treated to a baked potato and toppings, chicken, rice and beans from Pollo Tropical, a huge tray of fruit and a bottle of Promised Land chocolate milk (which made Isaac very happy!). I never thought I’d enjoy a baked potato and Mexican at 9:30 in the morning, but I sure did that morning!
There was also a band playing in the gazebo at the Plaza, people giving free hand massages, a tent where you could get a sports massage, and some other booths set up with various things you could look at. It was a lot of fun and there was so much energy!

IMG_20160320_100528164 IMG_20160320_094725992


The course was beautiful and well organized.
There was only one moderate hill.
Free race pictures!! (even though I look like I’m dying in most of them!)
Post-race time was fun and food was delicious.
The medal was SO cool.


There weren’t any pace runners we could run with.
In the park section of the race there were a lot of tight turns that affected our pace.

What is your favorite race you’ve ever run? Let me know in the comments!

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