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6 monthsWow has it already been 6 months? It’s hard to believe that 6 months ago Isaac and I were about to begin the rest of our lives… It feels like it happened both yesterday and decades ago. Isaac and I have grown so much since we got married and I have loved getting to know him more than I know anyone else in my life. We have had a wonderful time as husband and wife, have shared a LOT of laughter and jokes, met some incredible friends, joined a church and shared the gospel together. We have seen how important budgeting is, that being with family is something that brings us closer together, learned that owning a dog really IS a lot of work (but still so worth it), that I get stressed when our apartment is messy and that Isaac loves chips and salsa more than any normal person. I have been able to see a side of him that I didn’t see very well before we got married. Isaac is such a giving, caring person, who will go out of his way to serve others. I have loved watching him grow in his relationship with the Lord as he has learned how to be a responsible man of the house and as he has served me with his whole heart. And I have been so very proud to call him my husband.
Don’t get me wrong, these past few months of marriage have been hard, and it’s been difficult meshing two lives together. But by the grace of God it has been the most amazing time of my life.

I remember when Isaac and I celebrated 6 months of dating. I thought it was a huge milestone in our relationship (as most high schoolers do), and I was walking on clouds when he sent flowers to the restaurant I worked at with a card that said “Thanks for the best 6 months ever” (yes, I still have that note). We were young, “in like” and everything was new. Now here we are at 6 months of marriage and so much is different. In the past 5 years together, the tingly newness of everything has worn off and has been replaced with a sense of security, belonging and love. I no longer receive flowers like I used to, but instead I get to kiss him goodnight, see his face every morning when I wake up, cook him dinner, snuggle up with his as we watch TV and read the Bible with him. We don’t go on as many dates as we used to and money is tight, but it’s worth it to be able to do it all with him.

Here’s to 6 months and hundreds more! I love you Isaac Allen Hicks. happily the hicks

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