Fit Friday

Yay for a new Fit Friday! I have been looking forward to today’s workout for a while because it blends some of my favorite things: quick workouts, resistance bands, and lots of booty work. Who else is with me? I’m going to be short sweet and to the point today (just like this workout- ha!), […]

Happy Fit Friday! This is one of my favorite days of the month, because I get to share some of my go-to workout moves with you, and hopefully motivate you to get active. Especially now that we’re approaching the summer (aka swimsuit and tank top season!), getting that workout in is extra important. This month I decided […]

How is it already the first Friday of the month?! I still can’t believe it’s March… I feel like just yesterday we were taking down Christmas decorations, and now here I am a week away from Spring Break. The past few months have been a complete whirlwind, between the busy season at work (I’m lookin’ […]

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Happy Fit Friday, y’all! This is the first of many upcoming Fridays, where I’ll share some of my favorite toning and conditioning moves with you. From arms and abs to kettlebells and cardio, I’ll set you up with moves that you can easily do at home and that require little to no equipment. Over the […]

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