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Whole30 Chicken Stir Fry | read more at happilythehicks.com


When I need a quick, healthy, last minute recipe my go to lately has been this delicious Whole30 Chicken Stir Fry. It’s taken me years to create a good recipe that not only had lots of flavor and a yummy sauce, but is also healthy and wholesome. And I have to say… This recipe was […]

Whole30 Chicken Stir Fry

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Whole30 Beef Stroganoff | read more at happilythehicks.com


Growing up, I loved it when my mom made one of her go-to recipes: beef tips over noodles. It was creamy, flavorful and quickly became one of my favorite comfort foods. But when I started trying to be more conscientious about the foods I eat, I realized this recipe wasn’t the healthiest. Between the condensed […]

Whole30 Beef Stroganoff

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Whole30 approved meals | read more at happilythehicks.com


ICYMI I just completed my January Whole30 and I’m still riding high.  Something special about this round of Whole30 was that I shared literally everything I ate on my Instagram stories. Not only did it keep me super accountable to sticking to it, but I was able to show y’all what I ate day to […]

My Favorite Whole30 Recipes

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Whole30 Recap | read more at happilythehicks.com


Oh my gosh.  I woke up yesterday morning, looked at the date, and smiled the biggest smile. January 30th. 30 days into the new year. And the last day of my Whole30. Y’all… I just accomplished thirty days of eating only meat, veggies, fruit and fats. Yes, that meant no added sugar, corn, soy, legumes, […]

Whole30 Recap – I Made It!

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Whole30 - Halfway there! | read more at happilythehicks.com


The last time I had “Livin’ on a Prayer” stuck in my head was when I hit my 20 weeks pregnant mark. And just like I felt then, I feel on top of the world. I’m halfway through Whole30. I got past the hardest part, and the end is in sight. #PRAISE To be honest, […]

Whole30 – Halfway There!

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Whole30 Costco Grocery Haul | read more at happilythehicks.com


Last week I finally renewed my Costco membership (yay!) and stocked up on lots of yummy foods to help me through the next few weeks of Whole30. I asked on my Instagram Stories if y’all would like to see what I bought, and so many of you said “YES” that I decided to do it. […]

Whole30 Costco Grocery Haul


Whole30 Chicken Spaghetti (Squash) | read more at happilythehicks.com


Today marks day 4 of the January Whole30 and so far things have been great! While I’ve had some cravings (I’m lookin’ at you cheese and chocolate) things haven’t been too bad. We’ll see how the next few weeks go, but for now I’m enjoying the healthier foods and testing my willpower. I’ll do an […]

Whole30 Chicken Spaghetti (Squash)

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Confession time: I restarted the Whole30 this week. My heart just wasn’t in it last week, I ate things I shouldn’t have, and I knew that I needed a fresh start. This week is so far MUCH better, I’m prepared, have lots of “emergency snacks” on hand, and determination to stick to my plan. It’s […]

Whole30 No Bean Chili

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Whole30 Meal Prep- tips and tricks! | read more at happilythehicks.com


  Well friends… I didn’t think I’d be doing it this soon, but I am! I’ve started my second round of Whole 30, and I am SO EXCITED. To say I fell back into my “old ways of eating” would be an understatement, and I am ready to revamp my diet and feel better. Along with […]

Whole30 Meal Prep Tips & Tricks

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